S. Negar Tabibian.

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About me: The full package!

Since a very young age, I have tried different mediums to communicate my feelings with the rest of the world and that could be either painting, dancing, singing, writing, or photography. Depending on what was going on in my head (and oh, there was always A LOT happening), I was swinging between visual and performing arts to not lose my connection with reality. But it wasn't until late 2018, that I returned to painting more seriously as the primary medium to express my emotions and feeling.

In a way, my artworks are the surreal stories of a Middle Eastern immigrant designer woman, residing in the US, trying to be resilient against several mental and political crises that the majority of the modern world's population is going through.

In my paintings, I use acrylic on canvas more than any other medium, however, I am always open to using new and old mediums and techniques and so, many times you'd see watercolor works or mixed media that I create. Communicating the feelings, like feelings themselves never gets stuck within one box.